Entrevista do Robert, Taylor e Kristen ao Fantástico!!

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The "Fantastico Show" in Brazil goes to Hollywood, to the delight of the crowd that loves books and movies of the saga Twilight. We were face to face with the three main actors and made the question that every fan expected: it is true that the girl, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, are real life boyfriends?

The first question is for Robert: the superpowers Edward, his character, which he would like to have the truth? "Running super speed," he replies. "To escape the congestion." And read or thought to be immortal? "People already have all of the time what they think of me. Not need to read thoughts, "says Pattinson. Robert is from London, the mecca of rock. What his favorite band?" I like The XX. "The sound was dark.

And as Kristen Stewart, who also has this knack kinda sad, it looks like Bella? She says the first film, Twilight, Bella was very close to her real personality. "Someone who is discovering life in spurts. Similar to the details, like the touch in hair, "says the actress.

Now the question is for Taylor Lautner: if he could determine the end of the saga, how about it? "I would give Jacob what he wants so much: Bella. I'm sorry. He battle too," says the actor.

The saga Twilight has four books. But there will be five films, as the last book, "Dawn," was divided into two strands. Details: In "Dawn," the book, Bella and Edward come to Brazil. Are we really going to shoot here? Robert said he'd love to, but think it will not scroll. Remember that the second film is a scene where he is allegedly in Rio de Janeiro, but in truth was done with camera tricks in a shed ice in Canada.

Kristen said that love back. She remembered when he was in Sao Paulo last year. "It was in Brazil that we had the most enthusiastic welcome" said the actress.

We leave the question to the end fatal to Robert: "When you and Kristen will officially announce that they are lovers?". He stands awkwardly and cuts the wave: "Only when the sun will be black."

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