Happy New Year!!!!!

                                                                 December 31, 2010

Last day of one of the best years of our lives.

I would like to start this post talking about how the year was the best news, the best events ...

But I do differently ... simply thanking.


Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you!

Thanks for making this year the best of our life on the blog. Thanks for the amazing partners we have and we won, thank you for all the warmth and attention afforded to us throughout the year.

Thank Robsten, for making "Robsten in Rio" the best and biggest event in the world and here in Brazil. Thank you my friends for their help in bigger marathon spectacular pass for 10 days ... everything was beautiful, exciting and totally left us proud!

Thanks for the amazing friends who brought us this year, the old friendships that can only be strengthened by exchanges of experiences and wonderful that we live together.

Thank God, for everything. Especially for health and strength to continue having the conditions to be always here, updating, having fun and freaking out together.

I will not extend much, then follow our greatest wishes to all in 2011:

Health, peace, love, money, friendship, harmony, more Robsten in 2011, more friendship, and a lot more partnerships, but a lot of happiness to all!

Our blog will pass for many changes this year, 2011, stay tuned! *-* And calm down, it's all for the better, I promise;)

I count on you during the entire year of 2011.

A big kiss, a great new year and one thousand kisses to all our fans, partners and friends.

Gabrielle Medeiros, Nicole Cullen
Presidents Blog TwiBrasil

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