Coverage Twi Brazil - Robsten in Brazil: Final Coverage! : ') Our Thanks!!

Well .. before I start writing ... I was crying tears of happiness and very proud of my country. I tried not to extend much, but it was inevitable!

Starting Marathon: Friday, November 5, 2010:

Early morning, we had seen on Thursday (04) pics of Robsten  coming to Brazil and we were all nervous ... I, Sammy (@Team_Robsten_BR) and Carol (@robstenguide) already knew the flight number and exact time of arrival, we do not disclose cause we are team's #Respect. Whatever ... I managed to intercept the radio control tower at the airport (this is a crime? lol) and then began to broadcast via Twitter, my heart almost have a heart attack about every information of Continental flight 129! We tweeting  all about our stars until they arrived in our country.

From there (and I'll omit those obvious facts that everyone has seen) got a crazy marathon on twitter and soon the international followers asked me to tweet in English too. And that's what I did, a double marathon, writing in Portuguese and English, all of our posts have been written that coverage this way.

What happened next, I honestly didn't expect! Our hits beat all records from the foundation (in 2008) and the followers of twitter couldn't stop increasing ... with it came the commitment to stay further on twitter, supporting and passing the infos.

At the hotel, being held by friends of infos that were there, would tweeting all I could.

Now is the day most beautiful and happiest of all my (our) Robsten journey : shootings in Lapa (Rio de Janeiro) on November, 08, 2010.

So ... just  was heart, I can not get through in the words here that I felt. Safety, no confusion, pics and videos (the best of all!) And the fantastic help of the Juliana (@RK_Br) who was with friends on the phone and our friends who were there also tweeting madly everything that happened, and we said for all. And in the next  days the coverage go thousand mile a minute. hehe

Brazil was featured in coverage with pics, videos, infos and broadcast live from the biggest spoiler of the planet! Hahaha

Well... Everyone has seen and read all this as part of news and I'm here to thanks ... and prayed to not have forgotten anyone, if so, please forgive me:

- Thank God for giving me breath and health, because during those days, no eating correct neither slept, much less worked right.
- Thank for patience of my family while I'm freaking out at home in front of the notebook.

And ... thanks to ALL the blogs and sites that used us as a news source, for the partnership, friendship and all the compliments that we received about Brazil around the world.

Being on site who I am a big fan, as the Twilight Lexicon, Twifans (see you writing in Portuguese was the greatest thing in the world! So cute!) RobPattzNews, Spunk Ransom, among others, no less important to me .. . and being praised for the work ... was speechless me ... I am very honored and grateful for the affection.

Thank my twitter friends and partners (without them I would have had to pass many infos): Bruna (@_getoffmydick) that definitely didn't eat, slept and was not aware of everything to help us in this also, Clara (@m_claraa) Fernanda (@TwiTeteia) that there helped us A LOT in Atlanta so that he could and shared with us as if we were here, my fluffy friend (@FePattz) that beyond all traveled to Rio to follow everything and had the thrill of being very close to our idols. All staff @TodoFanTwilight and @TodaFanTwilight,  my league TwiFriends (Carol @robstenguide, Sammy (@Team_Robsten_BR), which spent millions in phone calls to me, through every emotion and happiness, making me feel at your side at all times! Monica (@Twilightemania), Nathy (@nathy_bells). My #ClaCSI (@Line_Robsten @bellaswan010 @Team_Robsten_Br @anna_cde @AlaisMaier @thais_diniz @iamrobsten @HermosoRob) incredible even without that I can give as much attention, it was always with me, helping me disseminate news and giving me that support ever.

The @Envenenadas by me through reports and newsletters fantastic during our marathon with exclusive videos and pics.

The @CAPRICHO magazine for the materials wonderful, the EGO, QUEM and IG to have had a wonderful coverage pics and fresh news!

The @ssl_riofilme, Sérgio Sá really believed that success, even before we ourselves believe. Perfect organization, safety, comfort ... everything was amazing!

The @Twilight, Summit. For believing in our country and  accept include our scenarios , realize the dream of many fans with the presence of the actors and the fantastic job.

Finally, my personal statement of what I'm feeling all these days:

- Love, love, too much pride and a lot of happiness  in how I am. I confess that I suspected the success of the shootings here and at first I was of those who felt that they shouldn't come ... and thank God I was wrong! It was all so perfect, so beautiful, you see the name of our country being acclaimed around the world (I received messages from several countries, I can not list all, but the U.S., France, Italy, Indonesia, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Venezuela , Hungary, Estonia, Sweden ... wow ... I really can not remember them all, sorry).
I am ecstatic, happy too!

Twilight is not just a movie, it's a lifestyle that unites fans around the world who make our happiest days, that make us make real friends in various places on the planet, as if we were neighbors and as we saw each other every day

Two years ago, a dream and a story out of the brilliant mind of Stephenie Meyer did our lives change.
Robsten that proves how much we still believe that love exists in its most beautiful form.
The friends made, give us hope that we'll never be alone to share the joys and sorrows of our day to day.

It is a mixture of feelings I have at heart, but one thing is certain: PRIDE !!!!!

I hope you have enjoyed our work during this period, we will continue here every day, with news and beautiful pics to disclose to you!
We now pass the flag to the sites and blogs, as well as fans from New Orleans and Vancouver so they can continue this marathon which ends next year, which will finalize the shottings of one of the most beautiful stories we've seen and experienced . Good luck!

If you want help us, here is our request: sign our petition for a premiere of Breaking Dawn in Brazil or a fan event (Twi Tour)! The campaign starts NOW and hope that the work undertaken in the country that have merit! Click here and subscribe!


With much affection,

Gabrielle Medeiros - or as everyone knows me, just 'Gabi' =)
President ~ Blog Twi Brazil

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